[Ingredients] Hinoman’s Vegetable Whole-protein Ingredient Granted GRAS Status

Originally Published: August 3, 2015
Last Updated: February 4, 2021
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News Release For immediate release – August 3, 2015

Hinoman’s Vegetable Whole-protein Ingredient Granted GRAS Status

August 3, Tel Aviv—Hinoman, Ltd., has been granted self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized
as Safe) status for its Mankai, a vegetable whole-protein ingredient with high nutritional value.
The announcement was made during the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) conference in
Chicago, July 12-14.

The GRAS designation is for the use of Mankai in functional foods and beverages, and was
confirmed based on scientific methods, as well as corroborated by extensive history of use in
Asia Pacific. The status was endorsed by a third party-appointed panel composed of some of the
top food toxicologists in the U.S. This approval clearly demonstrates Mankai’s preeminence in
tests of food safety and purity.

The nutritional composition of the Mankai microgreen ingredient has been determined to be
high in protein (at least 45-48%), low in fat (7-8%), with 24-45% carbohydrate content. Analysis
of the amino acid composition reveals the protein to be a rich source of the entire group of
essential amino acids.

“GRAS approval of the Mankai high-protein ingredient is a major step toward Hinoman
becoming a key microgreen protein supplier in the U.S. market,” says Udi Alroy, VP of Marketing
and Business Development for Hinoman. “Hinoman’s proprietary cultivation platform makes
Mankai a reliable, sustainable food source for large-scale growth and consumption.”

Mankai is produced in an advanced hydroponic system that optimizes yield throughout the year.
This precisely regulated aquaculture platform is highly controlled, operating under remote
cultivation management and regulation. As a result, it ensures plant purity so that Mankai is
clean and free from all pesticides and heavy metals, to a level that exceeds nutritional grade.

“The proprietary Hinoman technology enables strict standards of food safety and security, and
both are critical to ensure a sustainable supply chain,” explains Ron Salpeter, CEO for Hinoman.
“The system addresses the challenges of future agriculture and nutrition needs with simplicity
and sustainability, providing a comprehensive, plant-derived whole-protein food solution.”

About Hinoman
Hinoman Ltd.’s food tech platform enables exceptional scalability for cultivation, with a minimal
ecological footprint. Hinoman developed an optimal, precision-agriculture solution to produce a
safe, nutritious vegetable protein source.
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