2018 Innovative New Protein Products

Originally Published: January 22, 2018
Last Updated: February 4, 2021
2018 INNOVATIVE New Protein Products FEATURE

Consumer interest in protein-touting foods, beverages and dietary supplements remains strong. Innovative companies are launching protein-touting products with new protein sources and/or that exemplify emerging trends. 2018 Innovative New Protein Products were identified through press releases and shows such as the Natural Products Expos. Enjoy!   — Claudia Dziuk O’Donnell, Global Food Forums, Inc.

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NOTE: Label information may change due to product reformulations and other factors.

Halo Top Ice Creams & Sherbets (Chocolate Covered Banana variety)

Ingredients: Milk and cream, eggs, erythritol, prebiotics fiber, milk protein concentrates, organic cane sugar, chocolate swirl (sweetened condensed milk [sugar, water, nonfat milk solids], corn syrup, coconut oil, cocoa [processed with alkali], butter, bittersweet chocolate [chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa, soy lecithin, natural flavor, sea salt, natural flavor], vegetable glycerin, natural flavor, high fat cocoa, sea salt, organic carob gum, organic guar gum, organic stevia. (Product purchased 4/23/2018)

Nutrition Facts: Serving size ½ cup (70g),  Amount per serving (% Daily Value), Calorie 70 , Calories from fat 25, Total fat 2.5g  (4%), Saturated fat  1g (5%), Tran fat 0g, Cholestrol 40 mg (13%), Sodium 110mg (5%), Total carbohydrates 15g (5%), Dietary fiber 3g (12%), Sugars 6g, Sugar alcohol 5g, Protein 5g (10%)

GFF Comments: Label and/or online claims for one container (a pint) include “280 calories per pint” and “Good source of protein” [20g per pint]. According to the IRI® New Product Pacesetter Report™, Halo Top earned year-one sales of $342.2 million, which lead all other 2017 New Product Pacesetter food and beverages… by far.

Miyoko Kitchen’s Vegan Mozz (“mozzarella”)

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cashews, Organic Tapioca, Agar, Sea Salt, Cultures.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size 1 oz. (28g), Amount per Serving (% Daily Value), Calories 70, Total Fat 7g (9%), Saturated Fat 5g (25%), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 120mg (5%), Total Carb. 3g (1%), Fiber 0g, Total Sugars 0g (incl. 0g Added Sugars), Protein 1g, Vit D 0g, Calcium 10mg (0%)

GFF Comments: Claims on website include “Organic and Non-GMO, Free of cholesterol, lactose, gluten and soy.” And “Just like traditional mozzarella di bufalo, our cashew-based vegan version is the perfect answer for everything from pizzas, to caprese salad, to paninis.” NOTE: Miyoko Schinner, CEO & Founder, Miyoko’s Kitchen will be a panelist at the 2018 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar.

Protein Biotic Oatmeal-gallery

Earnest Eats Protein Biotic Maple Oatmeal

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Superfood Grains (Whole Rolled Oats, Quinoa, Puffed Amaranth), Grass-Fed Whey Protein (Whey Protein, Sunflower Lecithin), Brown Sugar, Raw Sunflower Seeds, Raw Pepitas, Chopped Raw Almonds, Korintje Cinnamon, Natural Maple Extract, Sea Salt, GanedenBC30 Probiotics (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086). Contains: Almonds and Milk.

Nutrition Facts: Nutrition Facts, Serving Size 1 cup (71g), Amount per Serving (% Daily Value), Calories 300, Calories From Fat 100, Total Fat 11g (18%), Saturated Fat 1.5g (8%), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 15g (5%), Sodium 115mg (5%), Total Carbohydrate 36g (12%), Fiber 5g (21%), Sugars 10g, Protein 16g

GFF Comments: Benefits mentioned on the website include: 16+ grams of protein, Probiotics for gut health, Gluten Free Superfood Grains Oats + Quinoa + Amaranth, Grass-Fed Whey Protein.

Beyond Meats The Beyond Burger-gallery

Beyond Meat’s The Beyond Burger®

Ingredients: Pea protein isolate, expeller pressed canola oil, refined coconut oil, water, yeast extract, maltodextrin, natural flavors, gum arabic, sunflower oil, salt, succinic acid, acetic acid, non-gmo modified food starch, cellulose from bamboo, methylcellulose, potato starch, beet juice extract (for color), ascorbic acid (to maintain color), annatto extract (for color), citrus fruit extract (to maintain quality), vegetable glycerin.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 1 Patty 4 oz (113g), Amount per Serving (% Daily Value), Calories 290Kcal (17%), Calories from Fat 190Kcal (29%), Total Fat 22g (35%), Saturated Fat 5g (29%), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 450mg (20%), Total Carbohydrate 6g (3%), Dietary Fiber 3g (12%), Sugars 0g, Protein 20g (42%), Vitamin C 54mg (72%), Iron 4.5mg (25%)

GFF Comments: 100% plant-based proteins. The following are a few FAQs from its website: Q: What’s Beyond Meat®? A: … 100% plant-protein with the taste and texture of meat. Q: How’s it made? A: Beyond Meat uses all-natural ingredients and a proprietary system that applies heating, cooling, and pressure to align plant-proteins in the same fibrous structures that you’d find in animal proteins.  NOTE: Dariush Ajami, Ph.D., Vice President, R&D, Beyond Meat, will be a panelist at the 2018 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar.


EM+PACT Protein Energy Bar (Coconut Crave variety)

Ingredients: Almond Butter, Dates, Prebiotic Fiber from Tapioca, Whey Protein Isolate, Coconut, Almonds, Sorghum Crisps, Organic Vegetable Glycerine, Chia Seeds, Golden Flaxseeds, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Coconut Flavor, Salt.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size (1.26 oz.) Amount per Serving (% Daily Value), Calories 160, Total Fat 9g (14%), Saturated Fat 2g (10%), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 40mg (2%), Total Carbohydrate 16g (5%), Dietary Fiber 7g (28%), Sugars 5g, Protein 7g

GFF Comments: Mission-based is a trend among products. The product name is derived from: Em = Empowering Women and Girls + Pact = Making an impact on their families and communities. Its support of women’s charities is explained at http://empactbars.com/empowering-women-now  Additional claims include: No GMO, no gluten, no soy, low glycemic, only 5g of sugar (mainly from dates), 7g of Fiber, 7 grams of protein, Low Sodium, 160 Calories, prebiotic for your tummy, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Added Sugar. $2.00/1.26ox bar, Amazon.com.

Fermented-Vegan Proteins-gallery

Genuine Health’s Fermented Vegan Proteins + 

Ingredients: Fermented pea protein isolate (80% protein) (Pisum sativum), fermented brown rice protein concentrate (80% protein) (Oryza sativa), fermented vegan protein blend [organic hemp seed protein concentrate (Cannabis sativa), organic quinoa sprouts (Chenopodium quinoa),alfalfa herb top protein (Medicago sativa), organic spirulina (Arthrospira platensis), mung bean sprouts (Vigna radiata)]  Other ingredients:Natural vanilla flavor blend, organic stevia leaf extract, xantham gum, Lo Han Guo (monk fruit) extract.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 1 scoop (22.1g), Amount per serving (% Daily Value) [based on a 2000 calorie diet], Calories 80, Calories from fat 10, Total Fat 1g (2%), Saturated Fat 0g, Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg,  Total Carbohydrate 3g (1%),  Dietary Fiber 0g, Sugars 0g,  Protein 15g (30%)

GFF Comments: Genuine Health’s Website reports this is its best seller. It exemplifies trends of plant-based, fermented components, beneficial to digestion, higher protein. Genuine Health’s website claims fermentation process reduces anti-nutrients; promotes overall digestive health and thereby healthy gut bacteria; primes the gut for the absorption of other health promoting ingredients…  $36.99/15 – 22.4g sachets.

Real Clean Protein-gallery

BarnDad Nutrition’s Real Clean Chicken & Egg White Protein (Orange Smoothie variety)

Ingredients: CHiKPRO™ Chicken Protein Hydrolysate, Primera™ Instant Egg Whites, Natural Flavors, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Monk Fruit, Stevia.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 1 Scoop (28g), Amount per Serving (% Daily Value), Calories 100 Calories from Fat 9, Total Fat 1.0g (1%), Saturated Fat 0.5g (3%), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 31mg (10%), Sodium 170mg (7%), Total Carbohydrate 2g (1%), Dietary Fiber 0g, Sugar 0g, Protein 21g (42%)

GFF Comments: Claims include 100% Naturally Sweetened (stevia), 21 grams of patent pending hydrolyzed chicken protein isolate, made from USDA chicken meat and egg whites, 3% hydrolyzed collagen per serving. Also “Essential Amino Acids and BCAA’s for health, muscle growth, strength and recover.” Observation from one GFF associate: “Chicken protein [powder] use seems to be growing. It’s not a big splash at 2018 NPEW, but ‘dah,’ why didn’t someone do this before. I’m waiting for beef protein.” $42.21/1.85lb. container (Amazon.com).


Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer (Vanilla variety)

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Milk Powder Collagen Peptides, Vanilla Bean Powder, Organic Bamboo Shoot Extract, Organic Acacia Fiber

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size 2 Scoops (25g), Amount per Serving (% Daily Value), Calories 140, Calories from Fat, Total Fat 9g (14%), Saturated Fat 9g (45%), Total Carbohydrates 4g (1%), Total Sugars 1g, Protein 10g… [Collagen 10g]

GFF Comments: 10g of clean protein from collagen peptides from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine, 9g of healthy fats from MCT-rich coconut milk, paleo-friendly and Whole30-approved. Support Connective Tissues: As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is responsible for the maintenance of healthy hair, skin, nails, bones and joints…free of artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, dairy, and gluten. $59.99/10.6 oz (Amazon.com)  Collagen supplements sales reached $98 million in 2017, with 30 percent growth. Touted benefits Include joint health to helping a leaky gut, but most importantly benefits for hair, skin and nails. Collagen is gaining traction as a functional ingredient in food and beverage. Source: NBJ/ New Hope Network
NOTE: Kurt Seidensticker, CEO, Founder, Vital Proteins will be a panelist at the 2018 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar.

Creation Nation’s Protein Bar Mix PB & Jelly Get in My Belly

Ingredients: Organic Peanut Powder, Gluten Free Rolled Oats, Organic Pea Protein, Grape (Concentrated Grape Puree, Concentrated Grape Juice, Citrus Fiber, Citrus Pectin), Organic Flaxseed Meal, Almonds, Organic Dried Coconut, Sea Salt, Monk Fruit.
Contains: Peanuts, Tree Nuts

Nutrition: Serving Size 1/3 cup (37g), Makes 1 Bar (70g), 8 Servings Per Container, Amount Per Serving (As Prepared/Original Recipe): Calories 230, Calories from Fat 110, Total Fat 8g (18% DV), Saturated Fat 2.5g (15% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 180mg (9% DV), Total Carbohydrate 14g (8% DV), Dietary Fiber 5g (24% DV), Sugars 5g, Protein 12g, Vitamin A (0% DV), Vitamin C (0% DV), Calcium (4% DV), Iron (6% DV)

Comments from Website: Creation Nation’s Protein Bar Mixes come in two additional flavors: Peas Love & Cocoa and Whey Hip Chocolate Chip. The Protein Bar Mixes are Paleo, Vegan and Keto; contain 12g-16g protein; are low carb, made with organic proteins and superfoods; have no preservatives or artificial flavors or colors; and reportedly cost 20% to 40% less than the leading bar or bite at $9.99 to $14.99 SRP.

GFF Comments: This mix can be customized not only to whether the consumer prefers bar or ball shapes, but more importantly it can be customized to the amount and type of sweetener, fat and “liquid” used. Suggested liquids include water, milk, applesauce, mashed banana, fruit or veggie juices and purees, coffee concentrate, tea or yogurt.  See a preparation demonstration at https://player.vimeo.com/video/258847715

Sonoma Cheese Crisp Bar lineup. (PRNewsfoto/Sonoma Creamery)

Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crisp Bar, Savory Seed

Ingredients: Cheese (Pasteurized Cultured Milk, Salt, Enzymes), Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Brown Rice, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Oat Bran.
Contains: Milk

Nutrition: Serving Size 2 bars 22.7g, Amount per Serving: Calories 120, Total Fat 7g  (9% DV), Saturated

Fat 3g (15% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 20mg (7% DV), Sodium 170mg (7% DV), Total Carbohydrates 7g (3% DV), Fiber 1g (4% DV), Total Sugars 0g (Including 0g Added Sugars, 0% DV), Protein 7g, Vitamin D (0% DV), Calcium (10% DV), Iron (0% DV), Potassium (0% DV).

GFF Comments: Sonoma Cheese Crisp Bar flavors also include Parmesan, Everything™ Cheddar, Bacon Cheddar and Pepper Jack. Product claims state 7g Protein, 0g Sugar and made with simple ingredients.

PowerBar® Plant Protein Nourishing Snack Bar-Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt and PowerBar® Jerky & Nut Protein Bar

NOTE: As of 4/10/2018 the company indicated the Jerky & Nut Protein Bar was not available with no launch date yet announced.

Ingredients for PowerBar Plant Protein Nourishing Snack Bar-Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt:
Almonds, Inulin, Cane Syrup (Invert), Dark Chocolate Flavored Coating (Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Powder, Sunflower Lecithin, Salt), Pea Protein Crisp (Pea Protein Concentrate, Rice Flour, Rice Starch, Calcium Carbonate), Rice Protein Crisp (Rice Protein Concentrate, Rice Flour), Pumpkin Seeds, Almond Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Flavors, Sea Salt.
Contains: Almonds

Nutrition for PowerBar Plant Protein Nourishing Snack Bar-Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt:
Serving Size 1 Bar (50g), 1 Serving Per Package, Amount per Serving: Calories 230, Fat Calories 120, Total Fat 13g (20% DV), Saturated Fat 2.5g (13% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 190mg (8% DV), Total Carbohydrates 22g (7% DV), Dietary Fiber 8g (32% DV), Sugars 10g, Protein 10g (15% DV), Vitamin A (0% DV), Vitamin C (0% DV), Calcium (6% DV), Iron (10% DV)

Ingredients for PowerBar Jerky & Nut Protein Bar-Original: Almonds, Beef Jerky (Beef, Soy Sauce [Water, Soybeans, Salt], Brown Sugar, Lemon Juice, Black Pepper, Granulated Garlic), Inulin, Pumpkin Seeds, Pea Protein Crisp (Pea Protein Concentrate, Rice Flour, Rice Starch), Honey, Sea Salt.
Contains: Almonds, Soy

Nutrition for PowerBar Jerky & Nut Protein Bar-Original: Serving Size 1 bar (46g), 1 Serving per Package, Amount per Serving: Calories 210, Calories from Fat 120, Total Fat 13 Fat (20% DV), Saturated Fat 1.5g (8% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 10mg (3% DV), Sodium 310mg (13% DV), Potassium 180mg (5% DV), Total Carbohydrate 18g (6% DV), Dietary Fiber 7g (28% DV), Sugars 8g, Protein 10g (16% DV), Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 6%, Iron 8%

GFF Comments: PowerBar has introduced a Patent-pending Jerky & Nut Protein Bar with claims of 10g Protein; Made with 100% American Beef and No Artificial Sweeteners. This new product complements its line of bars based on plant proteins for consumers preferring plant-based products. Claims for these bars include 10g Plant Based Protein; No Artificial Sweeteners and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Easis Sour Cream & Onion Chips, Denmark Courtesy Mintel

Ingredients: Soy Protein Concentrate, Potato Granules, Potato Flakes, Sunflower Oil, Potato Starch, Tapioca Starch, Salt, Cheese Powder, Whey Powder (Milk), Onion Powder (1.2%), Yogurt Powder, Maltodextrin (Maize), Parsley, Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Calcium Lactate), Flavor, Yeast Extract, Antioxidant (Extract of Rosemary).

Nutrition: Serving Size 25g, 2 servings per pack, Amount Per Serving: Energy 444kJ (5% RDA)/106kcal (5% RDA), Fat 3g (4% RDA) (of which Saturated Fats 0.4g (2% RDA)), Carbohydrate 13g (5% RDA) (of which Sugars 0.6g (1% RDA)), Fibres 2g (8% RDA), Protein 5.6g (11% RDA), Salt 0.54g (9% RDA)

Comments from Website: Additional flavors include Salt, Paprika and Cheese.

GFF Comments: According to Mintel, Easis Chips are crispy chips based on 49% potato flakes and soy protein. They feature a high protein and fiber content and contain 60% less fat than traditional potato chips.

Bounce® Apple & Cinnamon Protein Punch Energy Ball, made by Bounce Foods Ltd., UK
Courtesy Mintel

Ingredients: Cashew Nuts (29%), Blue Agave Syrup, Concentrated Grape Juice, Whey Protein Isolate (From Milk) (8%), Inulin (Dietary Fiber), Pea Protein, Gluten-Free Grain Dextrin (Contains From Brown Rice), Raisins, Sunflower Seeds (3%), Whey Protein Concentrate (From Milk) (3%), Gluten-Free Oats, Apples (2%), Apple Fibers (2%), Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon Powder (1%), Safflower Oil, Tapioca Starch, Flavors, Sea Salt, Antioxidant (Contains Natural Mixed Tocopherols), Sesame Seed (0.25%), Stabilizer (Calcium Carbonate), Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin).

Nutrition: Serving Size 42g, 1 Serving Per Package, Amount Per 100g: Energy 1,654kJ/395kcal, Fat 17g (of which Saturated Fat 3.2g, Monounsaturated fat 9.1g, Polyunsaturated fat 3.7g), Carbohydrate 36g (of which Sugars 27g), Fibres 9.1g, Protein 20g, Salt 0.78g, Vitamin E 32mg (267% ADH)

Comments from Website: Other Bounce Punch Energy Ball flavors include Coconut Lemon, Cacao Orange, Peanut, Coconut Macadamia, Almond Cacao Mint, Almond Spirulina, Cashew Peanut. Almond Kale, Beetroot Cashew and Coconut Cumin.

GFF Comments: Per Mintel, claims listed on the package state the product is a chewy mix of cashews, whey protein and seeds packed with protein energy. Each ball is High in Protein, Gluten Free and contains No Artificial Preservatives. Additional claims include High Fiber, Vegetarian, No Trans Fats, High Satiety and GMO-Free.

Snickers® Protein Milk Chocolate Bar, made by Mars, UK Courtesy Mintel

Ingredients: Protein Blend (19%) (Milk Protein Isolate, Milk Protein, Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin)), Milk Chocolate (15%) (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass, Lactose, Whey Protein (From Milk)), Palm Fat, Whey Powder (From Milk), Milk Fat, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin, E476), Natural Vanilla Extract, Hydrolysed Collagen (14%), Caramel (14%) (Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk, Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar Syrup, Palm Oil, Butter, Sugar, Emulsifier (E471), Stabilizer (Pectins), Salt, Natural Flavour), Maltitol, Peanuts (10%), Humectant (Glycerol), Peanut Powder, Fructo-Oligo Saccharides, Natural Peanut Flavour, Salt, Colour (Sugar), Antioxidant (Blended Tocopherols).

Nutrition: Serving Size 51g, 1 Serving Per Pack, Amount per Serving: Energy 835kJ (10% RDA)/199kcal (10% RDA), Fat 7.1g (10% RDA) (of which Saturated Fatty Acids 2.7g (14% RDA)), Carbohydrate 18.4g (7% RDA) (of which Sugars 9.5g (10% RDA)), Protein 18.2g (36% RDA), Salt 0.17g (3% RDA)

Comments from Website: Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats has responded to consumer demand for more protein in their diet by introducing Mars Protein and Snickers Protein bars to their range, given that protein bar sales are topping £111m annually, notes SHS Sales & Marketing (http://www.shs-sales.co.uk/brands-we-represent/grocery-confectionery/mars-chocolate-treats), the company that represents Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats brands in the UK. “There is a clear need for a protein product from a brand that consumers know and trust,” adds SHS Sales & Marketing.

GFF Comments: Package claims 18g protein per bar (51g).

Alpro® Soya Unsweetened Soy Drink, Belgium
Courtesy Mintel

Ingredients: Water, Peeled Soya Beans (8.7%), Acidity Regulator (Dipotassium Phosphate, Monopotassium Phosphate), Calcium Carbonate, Aromas, Sea Salt, Stabilizer (Gellan Gum), Vitamins (Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Vitamin B12, Vitamin D2).

Nutrition: Serving Size 100ml, 10 Servings per 1L container, Amount per Serving: Energy 138kJ/33kcal, Fat 1.8g (of which Saturated Fat 0.3g), Carbohydrate 0g (of which Sugars 0g), Fibres 0.6g, Protein 3.3g, Salt 0.07g, Vitamin D 0.75µg (15% RDA), Riboflavin 0.21mg (15% RDA), Vitamin B12 0.38µg (15% RDA), Calcium 120mg (15% RDA), Lactose 0g

Comments from Website: Plant-based nutrition and sustainability are at the core of Alpro’s business practices. In September, the Flemish Institute for a Healthy Life (Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven, formerly known as VIGeZ) launched a revised version of the well-known diet triangle. The new dietary model focuses primarily on a plant-based diet, sustainable diet choices and diet variation – a model Alpro strongly supports.

GFF Comments:
Per Mintel, the Unsweetened Soy Drink has a new mild taste, and is enriched with Calcium, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and is naturally Lactose-Free making it easy to digest. The nutrient dense drink is rich in High Quality Soy Protein that is said to help maintain muscle mass. Alpro drinks are said to use less surface area and water and produce less carbon dioxide than milk products, adds Mintel.

Unilever’s Bovril® High Protein Beef Paste, UK
Courtesy Mintel

Ingredients: Beef Stock (50%) (Water, Beef Bones), Yeast Extract (27%) (Contains Barley, Wheat, Oats, Rye), Salt, Water, Colour (Ammonia Caramel), Corn Starch, Beef Powder (1%), Flavour Enhancers (Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate), Acid (Lactic Acid), Flavourings (Contain Celery).

Nutrition: Serving Size 12g, 20 Servings per Pack, Amount per Serving: Energy 104kJ/25kcal, Fat <0.5g (of which Saturated Fat <0.1g), Carbohydrate 1.6g (of which Sugars <0.5g), Fibres <0.5g, Protein 4.4g, Salt 1.4g

Comments from Website: In 1871, Napoleon ordered a million cans of beef for his army, resulting in the development of “Johnston’s Fluid Beef,” by John Lawson Johnston. The beef paste product was renamed Bovril in 1886. http://www.unilever.co.uk/brands/foodbrands/bovril.aspx

GFF Comments: Per Mintel, Bovril High Protein Beef Paste is high in protein, shelf stable and is recommended for drinking, spreading and cooking.

LighterLife® Fast Raspberry Mousse, UK Courtesy Mintel

Ingredients: Skimmed Milk Powder (41%), Inulin, Milk Protein Concentrate, Fat Powder (Contains Milk), Fat Powder (Contains Soya, Milk), Thickener (Alginate), Acidity Regulator (Calcium Sulphate), Stabiliser (Diphosphates), Tripotassium Citrate, Colour (Beetroot Red), Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Flavouring, Vitamin And Mineral Premix (Sodium Ascorbate, Ferric Pyrophosphate, Vitamin E, Maltodextrin, Zinc Sulphate, Niacin, Vitamin A, Copper Sulphate, Pantothenic Acid, Sodium Fluoride, Manganese Sulphate, Biotin, Chromium Chloride, Potassium Iodide, Vitamin B12, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Vitamin K, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Sodium Molybdate), Magnesium Oxide, Dipotassium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Colour (Anthocyanins), Sweetener (Sucralose).
Allergens: Milk, Soy

Nutrition: Serving Size 42g, 4 Servings per Pack, Amount per Serving: Energy 629kJ/150kcal, Fat 3.7g (of which Saturated Fat 2.1g), Carbohydrate 12.5g (of which Sugars 9.9g), Fibres 7.4g, Protein 12.5g, Salt 0.37g, Vitamin A 274µg (34% RDA), Vitamin D 1.7µg (34% RDA), Vitamin E 3.3mg (27% RDA), Vitamin C 23.7mg (30% RDA), Vitamin K 26.8µg (36% RDA), Thiamine 0.4mg (33% RDA), Riboflavin 0.7mg (51% RDA), Niacin 5.4mg (34% RDA), Vitamin B6 0.6mg (46% RDA), Folic acid 62.3µg (31% RDA), Vitamin B12 1.1µg (45% RDA), Biotin 16.8µg (34% RDA), Pantothenic acid 2.2mg (36% RDA), Potassium 524mg (26% RDA), Chloride 209mg (26% RDA), Calcium 376mg (47% RDA), Phosphorus 177mg (25% RDA), Magnesium 97.2mg (26% RDA), Iron 4.3mg (31% RDA), Zinc 3.4mg (34% RDA), Copper 0.4mg (40% RDA), Manganese 0.6mg (30% RDA), Fluoride 0.9mg (27% RDA), Selenium 16.6µg (30% RDA), Chromium 10.7µg (27% RDA), Molybdenum 13.4µg (27% RDA), Iodine 65.8µg (44% RDA)

Comments from Website: LighterLife Fast’s philosophy is that consumers fast for two days a week then on their smart days (the other five), eat and drink a healthy, balanced diet. On the “Fast” days, calories are restricted by about 25% of normal daily calorie intake, per LighterLife Fast’s website.

GFF Comments: LighterLife Fast Rasperry Mousse is part of a line of products designed that meet the company’s “Fast Philosophy,” where two days during the week the consumer can have four LighterLife Fast products per day with 100% nutrition as a reduced calorie option. The Raspberry Mousse is made by mixing 42g of the mix with 100ml of cold water.

Olyra Breakfast Biscuits-original

Olyra Breakfast Biscuits

Ingredients: Flour (whole grain spelt flour, whole grain oat flour, lupine, whole grain barley flour), Palm oil, Figs, Sugar, Honey, Eggs, Baking soda, Salt (sea salt), Anise, Natural flavoring

Nutrition Facts: Serving size 4 biscuits (50g), Amount per serving (% Daily Value), Total fat 10g (12%), Saturated fat 4g (20%), Trans fat 0g, Cholesterol 10mg (3%), Sodium 190mg (8%), Total carbohydrate 30g (11%), Dietary fiber 4g (14%), Total sugars 10g, Includes 7g Added Sugars (14%), Protein 6g

GFF Comments: Chosen because the dietary fiber and protein some of the protein comes from an uncommon selection of ancient grains. Package claims include All Natural, Non GMO, Sustained Energy, 24g Whole Grains and 6g Protein per serving. Product of Greece.

DNX Grass Fed Bison Jamaican Style Bar-original

DNX Grass Fed Bison Jamaican Style Bar

INGREDIENTS: Grass Fed Bison, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Medjool Dates, Organic Inulin (blue agave), Powdered Egg Whites, Organic Grated Coconut, Organic Jamaican Spice Blend (Organic Spices [including paprika], Organic Dehydrated Vegetables [including garlic, onion, horseradish and green bell pepper], Sea Salt, Organic Dehydrated Orange Peel, Natural Smoke Flavor [water and natural flavor], and Organic Spice Extract), Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Sweet Potato Powder, Organic Sacha Inchi Powder, Organic Spices, Organic Moringa Oleifera Powder, Sea Salt, Celery Juice Powder (celery powder, sea salt). Contains Egg, Tree Nuts (Coconut)

NUTRITION FACTS: 12 Servings per Box, Serving Size 1.5 oz. (43g), Amount per Serving: Calories 160, Calories from Fat 80, Total Fat 8g (12% DV), Saturated Fat 7g (35% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 30mg (10% DV), Sodium 140mg (6% DV), Total Carb 9g (3% DV), Dietary Fiber 4g (16% DV), Sugars 3g, Protein 14g, Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 0%, Iron 8%, Vitamin B12 20%

COMMENTS FROM WEBSITE: Additional flavors at $35.88 per 12 Serving Box includes – Free Range Chicken Peri Peri Style, Grass Fed Beef Mexican Style, Grass Fed Beef Sweet Potato Pecan, Grass Fed Beef Dark Cacao Cherry Coconut and Grass Fed Beef Fennel Sweet Potato. A 10-Bar Sampler Box is also available for the same price. The bars are paleo-friendly and provide a nutritional source of Omega-3, Vitamin B12 and prebiotics, and are low sodium, gluten-free, non-GMO, non-dairy and have no-added sugar, no antibiotics, no hormones and no artificial preservatives. Additionally, the bars must be refrigerated after opening.

GFF COMMENTS: Per Datamonitor Consumer, the meat snack category could gross $1.2 billion in the US in 2018, notes FoodNavigator-USA. In addition, anticipated growth of the meat bar segment within the larger meat snack category, is expected to increase 30 percent from year to year.

Protes Protein Popcorn, White Cheddar

INGREDIENTS: Popcorn, Sunflower Oil, Whey Protein Isolate, Seasoning (Milk, Salt, Whey, Buttermilk Powder, Sea Salt, Natural Flavor)

NUTRITION FACTS: 1.3 Servings per 1.4-oz. Bag, Serving Size About 2.5 cups (30g), Amount Per Serving: Calories 150, Calories from Fat 80, Total Fat 9g (12% DV), Saturated Fat 1g (5% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 1mg (1% DV), Sodium 145mg (6% DV), Potassium 70mg (2% DV), Total Carbohydrate 10g (3% DV), Dietary Fiber 2g (7% DV), Sugars 1g, Protein 8g (15% DV), Vitamin A 1%, Calcium 6%, Vitamin C 0%, Iron 3%

COMMENTS FROM WEBSITE: A box of 12, 1.4-oz. bags of Sweet Cinnamon or White Cheddar Protes Protein Popcorn costs $20.99; and a variety box of 10, 1.4-oz. bags costs $18.99 per box.

GFF COMMENTS: To date, all the innovation in the ready-to-eat popcorn category has been driven by branding and flavor, rather than functionality, notes Brooklyn-based brand Protes, per FoodNavigator-USA. “We’re the first ones to bring function to the category,” adds Protes.


Perfect Bar Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter with Sea Salt

INGREDIENTS: Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Honey, Organic Nonfat Dry Milk, *Organic Dark Chocolate (Organic Cocoa Liquor, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Cocoa Powder, Organic Sunflower Lecithin), Organic Dried Whole Egg, Organic Brown Rice Protein Concentrate, Sea Salt, Organic Flax Seed Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Sesame Seed Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Dried Whole Food Powders (Organic Kale, Organic Flax Seed, Organic Rose Hip, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Lemon, Organic Papaya, Organic Tomato, Organic Apple, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Celery, Organic Kelp, Organic Dulse, Organic Carrot, Organic Spinach). *Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA. Allergen Warning: Contains Peanuts, Eggs and Milk. Produced on Equipment Also Handling Almonds and Other Tree Nuts. May Contain Occasional Nut Shells.

NUTRITION FACTS: Serving Size: 1 bar (65g), Servings per Container 24, Amount per Serving: Calories 320, Calories from Fat 180, Total Fat 19g (29% DV), Saturated Fat 3g (15% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Polyunsaturated Fat 2g, Monounsaturated Fat 14g, Cholesterol 10g (3% DV), Sodium 110mg (5% DV), Potassium 440mg (13% DV), Total Carbohydrate 25g (8% DV), Dietary Fiber 3g (12% DV), Sugars 18g, Protein 15g (30% DV)

COMMENTS FROM WEBSITE & LABEL: Front label notes “The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar.” There has been an increase in protein bars requiring refrigeration. Other claims include Whole Food Protein, High Energy, 20+ Organic Super Foods, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Soy Free

GFF COMMENTS: $55.91 for a case of 24 2.3oz bars on Amazon.com, as well as $24 per 8-count box. The “whole foods” source of proteins is touted. Available flavors include Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter with Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Almond, Peanut Butter, Coconut Peanut Butter, Fruit & Nut, Blueberry Cashew, Cranberry Crunch, Almond Butter, Maple Almond, Almond Coconut and Carob Chip.

Elmhurst Milked Peanuts-slideshow

Elmhurst Milked Peanuts

INGREDIENTS: Filtered water, peanuts, Cane sugar, Natural flavors, Salt.

NUTRITION FACTS: 4 Servings per Container, Serving Size 8 fl. oz. (240ml): Amount per Serving: Calories 150, Total Fat 11g (14% DV), Saturated Fat 1.5g (8% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 135mg (6% DV), Total Carbohydrate 6g (2% DV), Dietary Fiber 0g (0% DV), Total Sugars 5g, Includes 4g Added Sugars (8% DV), Protein 6g, Vitamin D 0mcg (0% DV), Calcium 24mg (2% DV), Iron 1mg (6% DV), Potassium 140mg (2% DV)

GFF COMMENTS: $5.99/32 oz. plus shipping when purchased online. Website claim: Introducing the first peanut milk in America! From the farms of Georgia, we’re cultivating the best peanuts available to create a creamy and nutritious milk alternative, packed with 31 peanuts and 6 g of protein in every glass.

Real Good Chicken Crust Pizza-slideshow

Real Good Chicken Crust Large Three Cheese Pizza

INGREDIENTS: CRUST (ALL NATURAL**CHICKEN BREAST WITH PARMESAN CHEESE [chicken breast Parmesan cheese {pasteurized part skim milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes}, less than 2% water, salt, sunflower oil, natural flavor]), MOZZARELLA CHEESE (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), PIZZA SAUCE (tomato paste, water, diced tomatoes [tomatoes, tomato juice, salt, calcium chloride, citric acid], olive oil, salt, spices, dehydrated garlic), CHEDDAR CHEESE (pasteurized milk, cultures, salt, enzymes, annatto [coloring]).
**No artificial ingredients. Only minimally processed.
Contains: Milk

NUTRITION FACTS: 2 Servings per Container, Serving Size ½ Pizza (135g), Amount per Serving: Calories 260, Calories from Fat 140, Total fat 16g (25% DV), Saturated Fat 8g (40% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 75mg (25% DV), Sodium 780mg (33% DV), Total Carbohydrate 4g (1% DV), Dietary Fiber 0g (0% DV), Sugars 2g, Protein 25g (50% DV), Vitamin A (10% DV), Calcium (18% DV), Vitamin C (6% DV), Iron (6% DV)

COMMENTS FROM WEBSITE: Each pizza contains 50g Protein and only 8g Carbs. Pizzas are individually flash frozen to preserve freshness. The crust is made from all-natural, antibiotic-free chicken breast and Parmesan.

Sneakz Vegan Powder for Kids

INGREDIENTS:(Chocolate variety): Organic veggie blend (Pea protein, Carrot, Cauliflower, Beet, Sweet potato, Spinach), Organic cane sugar, Organic flavors, Organic Alkalized Cocoa, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086, salt.

NUTRITION FACTS: Serving Size: 1 scoop (33g), Amount per Serving (%Daily Value), Calories 120 Kcal, Total Fat 1.5g (2%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Total Carbohydrate 15g (5%), Total Carbohydrate 15g (5%), Dietary Fiber 4g (14%), Total Sugars 10g including 9g Added Sugars (18%), Protein 8g (14%)

GFF COMMENTS: Claims on website that the product is “nutrient rich vegan protein powder that provides 14 grams of protein, probiotics, 10 essential amino acids and ½ serving of daily vegetables.”

Website for Product: http://orgain.com/products/original-organic-nutritional-shake/#strawberries-and-cream

Orgain® Organic Nutrition™ All-in-One Nutritional Shake

INGREDIENTS:  (Strawberries & Cream Flavor): Filtered Water, Orgain Organic Protein Blend (Organic Grass Fed Milk Protein Concentrate, Organic Whey Protein Concentrate), Orgain Organic Carbohydrate Blend (Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Rice Dextrins), Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Organic Natural Flavors, Organic Inulin, Organic Rice Bran Extract, Orgain Vitamin Blend (dl-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate, Sodium Ascorbate, Zinc Gluconate, Niacinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Copper Gluconate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Thiamine Hydrocholoride, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Biotin, Potassium Iodide, Cholecalciferol, Cyanocobalamin, Magnesium Sulfate), Sodium Phosphate, Tricalcium Phosphate, Tripotassium Citrate, Potassium Chloride, Organic Locust Bean Gum, Gellan gum, Sea salt, Orgain Organic Veggie Blend (Organic Kale, Organic Beet, Organic Spinach, Organic Carrot, Organic Tomato), Orgain Organic Fruit Blend (Organic Blueberry, Organic Banana, Organic Acai, Organic Apple, Organic Raspberry), Natural Flavor.

NUTRITION FACTS: Serving Size 11 Fl. oz. (330 ml), 1 Serving per Container, Amount per Serving: Calories 250, Calories from Fat 60, Total Fat 7g (11% DV), Saturated Fat 1g (5% DV), Trans Fat 0g (0% DV), Cholesterol 20mg (8% DV), Sodium 260mg (10% DV), Potassium 320mg (10% DV), Carbohydrate 32g (11% DV), Dietary Fiber 2g (8% DV), Sugars 12g, Protein 16g (35% DV), Vitamin A (25% DV), Vitamin C (25% DV), Calcium (40% DV), Iron (2% DV), Vitamin D (25% DV), Vitamin E (25% DV), Thiamin (10% DV), Niacin (20% DV), Vitamin B6 (15% DV), Folate (25% DV), Vitamin B12 (25% DV), Biotin (10% DV), Pantothenic Acid (25% DV), Phosphorous (30% DV), Iodine (25% DV), Magnesium (20% DV), Zinc (25% DV), Copper (25% DV).

COMMENTS FROM WEBSITE: The Orgain Organic Nutritional Shake provides complete organic nutrition, including 21 vitamins & minerals and 10 organic fruits and vegetables. The product contains 16g grass-fed protein, is also soy and gluten-free, and non-GMO. NOTE: Nancy Knight, Director of Quality and Regulatory Compliance, Orgain, will speak at 2018 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar

Thailand Unique’s Cricket Flour Protein Powder

INGREDIENTS: 100% Cricket Flour made from Acheta domestica crickets

NUTRITION FACTS: Serving size 1/10 bag (10g). Amount per serving (% Daily Value). 50 Calories; 20 Calories from Fat; Total fat 2g (3%), Saturated Fat 0.5g (3%), Trans Fat 0%, Cholesterol 45mg (15%[?]), Total Carbohydrates 1g (0%), Dietary Fiber 0g, Sugars 0g, Protein 7g (14%)

COMMENTS FROM 2018 WEBSITE: “Our premium Acheta Domestica crickets are raised on commercial farms. They are fed a healthy diet of mixed grains and vegetables and raised in clean hygienic conditions. In addition they are also fed on a unique food blend specially developed for crickets. They are cleaned, processed and packed at our FDA approved factory. Cricket powder is 100% natural, no preservatives, artificial colors or flavours have been added. Cricket flour is a good source of protein, iron and vitamin B12, it is also low in fat. It takes approximately 1,100 crickets to make this bag of 100% pure cricket flour.

GFF COMMENTS: Sampled at past Protein Seminars. Reshown due to audience interest. Product package updated with a Nutrition Facts panel that provided nutrients per serving (10g).