[Webinar] Formulating Excellent Quality High-Protein Ice Cream Presentation

Originally Published: June 25, 2021
Last Updated: February 3, 2022
Formulating High-Protein Ice Cream

Formulating Excellent Quality High-Protein Ice Cream
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Abstract: Learn about the common challenges encountered when formulating high-protein ice cream and the solutions for overcoming them, including shrinkage issues. Discover the benefits for you and the value for consumers of using calcium-reduced milk proteins for more stable ice cream formulation mixtures and how these MPCs can improve water-binding and optimize foam structure. Achieve success when developing high-protein frozen treats that are clean-label friendly and that your consumers will enjoy.

Excerpt from Summary of this Webinar (Parts 1 and 2): Part 1 provides a detailed, technical presentation on ice cream formulation; the role of various ingredient types in achieving required functionality; and problems often associated with designing high-protein ice cream as well as solutions to these problems. Part 2 focuses on optimizing high protein ice cream with Idaho Milk Products’ IdaPlus1085, a functional reduced-calcium milk protein concentrate (MPC) that provides the functionality needed to create top quality, high-protein ice cream. Webinar presenters included Joe Marshall, Food Scientist, Socius Ingredients and in Part 2, Kumar Tammineedi, Senior R&D Scientist, Idaho Milk Products and Venkat Sunkesula, Ph.D., Associate Director of Research & Technical Services, Idaho Milk Products.

When used in ice cream, MPCs should come from fresh milk; have optimal solubility; retain solubility during transportation and storage; have fast dispersion and hydration rates; form stable emulsions; have optimal foam and overrun stability; and excellent water-holding capacity, noted Sunkesula. Solubility, for instance, is assessed via the solubility index (ADPI method), which measures the insoluble material in protein dispersions. A low solubility score is ideal in a highly functional MPC, indicating less risk of grittiness, better dissolving capabilities and reduced energy in processing. “Faster dispersion and hydration save both time and money,” he added.

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