Protein Opportunities Presentation

Originally Published: July 10, 2015
Last Updated: March 9, 2021
William Sawyer Protein Opportunities 2015 PTT

“Protein Opportunities” was presented at the 2015 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar William Sawyer, MSA, Vice President, FAR Animal Protein, Rabobank .

Abstract: Demand for protein, whether vegetable or animal, is rising rapidly and is driven by growing wealth, population and urbanization, plus the intensification of meat production. Globally, proteins from any source are often one of the most limited food component in both animal and human diets. In this presentation, Sawyer elaborated on the drivers and developments for demand and supply of animal and vegetable protein; possible future scenarios; and related challenges and opportunities for the companies involved in this industry.

Excerpt of the written summary of this presentation: Globally, animal protein consumption has steadily increased. In the last five years, beef consumption has been up only slightly. Pork is the number one animal protein consumed around the world; however, the FAO predicts chicken will overtake pork as the most consumed animal protein by 2020. Consumption is driven by poultry’s lower cost and demographic interests that fit with this meat.

China is a huge driver of protein consumption. About 75% is pork—not chicken—due to disease concerns, said Sawyer. Outside of China, chicken shows the greatest growth. Some 43% of this growth has occurred either in the BRIC countries, with their emerging middle class, or in the EU, where Europeans are attracted to the lower price and health aspects of poultry consumption.

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