Protein Blends for Functionality Presentation

Originally Published: July 1, 2017
Last Updated: February 4, 2021

The world demand for protein is expected to increase. Most traditional foods incorporate animal-derived proteins, and most ‘new source’ proteins do not yet perform to the same quality in application. Many consumer products bridge the gap by combining proteins from multiple sources, i.e. protein blends. Protein blends are used to optimize technical functionality, taste and cost, leading to a more flexible application of protein ingredients. This presentation focused on the textural properties of protein blends in various formulations. Gelling and emulsifying properties of protein blends (dairy, animal, plant) were discussed and related to the properties of the different proteins. Attendees learned how to create synergistic effects and avoid typical product defects when incorporating proteins from multiple sources.

Laurice Pouvreau, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, NIZO food research speaking on “Protein Blends for Functionality” at the 2017 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar.

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