New Future of Foods Presentation

Originally Published: July 6, 2016
Last Updated: March 9, 2021

“New Future of Foods” was presented at the 2016 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar Justin Shimek Ph.D., CEO and Chief Technology Officer, Mattson.

Abstract: It is well understood that the days are long past since most foods were prepared by stay-at-home wives preparing meals from scratch. One result has been that food manufacturers increasingly provided pre-packaged foods through traditional grocery stores to consumers. Once again, there’s a seismic shift in how consumers acquire foods. Although retail outlets will continue to be key sources of food, consumers are obtaining food in ways never imagined a decade ago and innovative food purveyors are responding. What does this mean for the industry and even yourself?

Excerpt of the written summary of this presentation: Everything from beauty products to collectable “nerd items” have successful subscription services today. In the food sector, examples include curated snack companies, like NatureBox, Graze and Nibblr. Brick-and-mortars have started to notice, such as Wal-Mart, Safeway and Fresh Direct, plus brands like Starbucks, Crock-Pot and Soylent.

“When you think about it from a set-it [up]-and-forget-it perspective,” Shimek said, these new food distribution systems are becoming huge, in terms of volume and revenue potential, and shouldn’t only be opportunities for entrepreneurs.

This also applies to an area he refers to as “new scratch cooking.” From a consumer perspective, cooking from scratch is more about an experience. Blue Apron, Plated and Fresh Realm are popular meal-subscription services that send entire packages of groceries for consumers to create specific meals.

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