Innovative Challenger Brands Panel Presentations

Originally Published: June 26, 2018
Last Updated: February 12, 2021
Innovative Challenger Brands Panel Presentations

June 1, 2018 — At the 2018 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar, Kara Nielsen, Vice President, Trends & Marketing, CCD Innovation moderated a group of successful entrepreneurs. This post links to other posts related to those “Innovative Challenger Brands Panel Presentations.” 

Challenger brand companies have captured the attention of the business community and loyal consumers as their boldness and creativity change the status quo. With resources less than would be expected considering their business ambitions, they have been defined by their mindset. They often defy category drivers, market leaders, operational norms, customer experiences and/or expectations. Their energy, vision and marketing activities disrupt the market to produce sustained, significant growth for their companies. The entrepreneurial panelists provided insight on the visions they have for their company. Top business challenges were explored, such as product development and marketing to regulations and operations.

Participantes who also made Innovative Challenger Brands Panel Presentations:
Miyoko Schinner, CEO & Founder, Miyoko’s Kitchen
Dariush Ajami, Ph.D., Vice President, Research and Development, Beyond Meat
Kurt Seidensticker, CEO and Founder, Vital Proteins
Natalie Shmulik, M.L.A., CEO, The Hatchery Chicago

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Excerpt from Part I:
Initial Hurdles – For Beyond Meat, said Ajami, the first major obstacle to overcome was a supply chain issue: to identify appropriate sources of protein, as defined by amino acid content, that were available in the amounts required. For Miyoko’s Kitchen, the first major hurdle was manufacturing scale-up. She had started making artisanal vegan cheese at home but ran into problems with scaling up the ripening process. They initially built an aging room using galvanized steel but were forced to switch to stainless steel after rust problems developed.”

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Excerpt from Part II:
Schinner replied that the underlying issue is the difficulty of explaining an entrepreneurial vision. “Ultimately, what you want is a self-explanatory product,” she noted. Shmulik agreed: “Sometimes success eludes innovators, because they spend too much time and resources trying to explain their vision or product to others…because it’s their baby!” That can make it difficult for them to listen to the advice or feedback of others.”

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