Dairy and Plant Proteins in Cultured Products [Presentation]

Originally Published: January 18, 2023
Last Updated: January 18, 2023

Abstract: Plant-based dairy alternatives still account for less than 10% of the overall yogurt market. Taste and texture remain key barriers to broader acceptance. Plant proteins lack certain functionalities of dairy proteins and pose development challenges when formulating cultured products. Blending dairy and plant proteins could increase consumer acceptability of plant-based proteins and capture a greater portion of the large and growing flexitarian market. Merlin Development will share proprietary research on incorporating plant proteins into traditional dairy yogurt to determine its impact on flavor, texture, and overall liking.

Hillary Sandrock, CFS, Senior Scientist, Merlin Development—Speaker at the 2022 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar, “The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Dairy and Plant Proteins in Cultured Products”

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Note: This PDF version of Hillary Sandrock’s presentation is highly redacted

Extract from the Summary Article titled “Combining Dairy and Plant Proteins” of this presentation will be posted shortly.