[Webinar] Protein-Enhanced Healthcare Nutrition RTDs

Originally Published: April 13, 2021
Last Updated: June 5, 2021
Idaho Milk Products Protein Enhanced Formulas webinar

Clean Label Protein-Enhanced Healthcare Nutrition RTDs: Tips & Solutions to Challenges
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Abstract: Learn about common challenges and their solutions when formulating protein-enhanced healthcare RTDs (ready-to-drink beverages) for healthcare and mainstream nutrition. Discover the benefits when milk protein concentrates and isolates (MPCs and MPIs) are used in your products. These functional milk proteins address storage stability issues and eliminate the need for sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP). Idaho Milk Products’ IdaPro and IdaPlus milk proteins have a blander flavor profile, higher solubility, and faster hydration and dispersion rates than other MPCs and MPIs. Fewer stabilizers and flavor masking agents are required. Drinks with a longer shelf-life and less grittiness and sedimentation result.

Excerpt from written summary of webinar: Faster dispersion of the MPC/MPI improves solubility, decreases hydration time and has the potential to increase plant throughput during production of the finished formula. Improved heat stability of ready-to-drink (RTD) products reduces fouling of heat exchangers, resulting in fewer plant cleanups, explained Marella. And, MPC should have acceptable sensory profiles, exhibiting sweet aromatic, cooked/milky characteristics, while avoiding intense aromas and aftertastes, as well as grass/hay, tortilla and cardboard notes.

Multiple interacting factors contribute to the stability (or instability) of each enteral formula. In most cases the optimum ‘sweet spot’ sits at the tip of a bell curve, but each formula has different ‘sweet spots,’ noted Clark. ‘Sweet spots’ can be measured for criteria such as pH, Ca-chelator, buffering agents, MPC solubility, free calcium, heat stability and emulsifying properties, among others.

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