Approaches to Overcoming Protein & Fiber Challenges Presentation

Originally Published: September 8, 2014
Last Updated: March 11, 2021

“Approaches to Overcoming Protein & Fiber Challenges” was presented at the 2014 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar by Marty Porter, Scientist, Merlin Development, Inc.

Abstract: Proteins and fiber are two of the most popular ingredients with which to enhance a food’s or beverage’s nutritional profile. Additionally, both categories of ingredients also possess physical and chemical properties that can positively and/or negatively impact various sensory characteristics of products. This presentation builds upon previous discussions of protein properties to look at some of the difficulties as well as benefits they offer in product formulations with a special focus on fiber-fortified foods. Real world examples of both high levels water systems, such as beverages, and low water systems, as found in baked goods and health bars, will be considered.

Excerpt from the written summary of this presentation: Porter went on to highlight key considerations when using protein in low-, intermediate- and high-moisture systems. Low-water Systems: In low-water systems, such as protein bars, texture changes over shelflife. Protein tends to increase firming over time, beyond the normal firming that takes place. Proteins are not fully hydrated immediately and, over time, they draw moisture from syrups generally used to hold bars together. Fiber, if it is not fully hydrated, can also draw moisture from the syrup. The continuous syrup phase then becomes more concentrated, contributing to the loss of pliability.

“Strategies to overcome these issues include use of multiple sources of protein and fiber,” said Porter. In addition to protein powders, nuggets or crisps can be high in protein and also contain fiber. Coatings can be protein- or fiber-fortified.

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