Algal Plant Proteins Presentation


Global population growth and emerging economies spur demand for large-scale production of foods from renewable resources. There is a need for nutritional foods, including rich plant-based proteins sources that meet market expectations for volume, quality and price. Microalgae is forecast to become an important alternative protein source for a wide range of applications. While its technology is developing rapidly, production takes place on a small scale and costs are high. To overcome these hurdles, larger established food and agriculture players are working to provide the algae farming industry security of sales and improved cost structures with the goal of increasing consumption of foods perceived as healthy. This evolving case study on an emerging protein category provided insights for all multi-national ingredient suppliers.

Gary Brenner, MA, Owner, Brenner pharma/food Business Development Ltd. speaking on “Algal Plant Proteins” at the 2017 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar.

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