2019 Protein Trends & Technologies Post Conference Magazine

Originally Published: August 24, 2019
Last Updated: February 4, 2021
2019 Protein Trends & Technologies Post Conference Magazine

The 2019 Protein Trends & Technologies Post Conference Magazine provides a summary of key points from speakers at this event. This is North America’s largest event dedicated to the food protein technology, the protein ingredient marketplace and applied technologies for formulated foods using protein-based ingredients.

Table of Contents:

Technical Program: Formulating with Proteins

  • Emerging Global Consumer Views on Protein: Usage Patterns & Preferred Sources
    An overview: Consumer attitudes toward protein sources.
    – Julie Johnson, General Manager, HealthFocus International
  • From Cellular Agriculture to Plant-based Milks: Hot Issues in the Protein Arena
    Labeling regulations & emerging high protein-based foods.
    – Jessica O’Connell, Senior Counsel, Covington & Burling, LLP
  • Sports Nutrition and Specialty Diets: From Keto to Vegan
    Specialty diets for athlete to elderly needs.
    Marie A. Spano, MSc, RD, CSCS, CSSD, Sports Nutrition Expert
  • Plant Proteins: Structural and Functional Properties & Use in Food and Beverage Formulations
    Research into improving plant protein ingredients.
    – B. Pam Ismail, Ph.D., Director, Plant Protein Innovation Center and Associate Professor, Department of Food, Science & Nutrition, University of Minnesota
  • A Characterization Study of the Functional Properties and Applications for Dairy and Plant Proteins
    Plant vs. animal protein functionality in model systems.
    – Hong Jiang, MSc, Research Specialist, Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research
  • Creative Reformulation of Protein Foods: Five Steps Toward a Sustainable Protein Supply
    Easy to long-range strategies for sustainable protein foods.
    – Clyde Don, Ph.D., Managing Director, CDC FoodPhysica
  • The Impact of Processing on Protein Quality Measurements: Implications for Protein Content Claims
    Protein quality measurements, claims and values.
    – James D. House, Ph.D., P. Ag., Professor & Head, Dept. of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences, University of Manitoba
  • Product Challenges in the Development of Protein and Keto-friendly Food Products
    Develop considerations for keto-friendly foods.
    – David Plank, Ph.D., Managing Principal, WRSS Food & Nutrition Insights; and Sr. Research Fellow, Dept. of Food, Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota

Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar Pre-conference: Business Strategies Program

  • Protein Proliferation: Understanding the Consumers’ Total Protein Landscape
    Overview of where U.S. consumers’ protein dollars are spent.
    – Meagan Nelson, MBA, Associate Director, Nielson Growth & Strategy
  • The Global Market for Whey and Other Dairy Proteins
    Market size and applications for dairy proteins.
    – Tage Affertsholt, MSc, Owner, 3A Business Consulting
  • New News on Protein: How Much is Too Much…and Not Enough?
    RDAs determination and over- or under-consumption of proteins.
    – Steven Hertzler, Ph.D., RD, LD, Sr. Scientist, Clinical Research, Global Science and Medical Affairs, Nutrition Science & Innovation, Abbott Nutrition
  • The Age of Protein: Emerging Opportunity for Plant-Based Alternatives
    Consumer sales data on plant and animal proteins.
    – Kasey Farrell, MPH, Data Product Manager, SPINS
  • Impact of Disruption on the Future of Food
    Changes in food development, marketing and distribution to consumers.
    – Andria Long, Insights & Strategy Executive/Former VP Innovation & Consumer Insights at Johnsonville

PANEL: Managing Innovation: Entrepreneurial Startups to Going Mainstream
Business insights from entrepreneurial companies specializing in food protein technology.
Moderator: Kara Nielsen, Vice President, Trends & Marketing, CCD Innovation

  • Umaima Merchant, MSc, MBA, Director of Innovation & Growth, Premier Nutrition
  • Mark Haas, Founder & CEO of The Helmsman Group
  • Didier Toubia, CEO, Aleph Farms
  • Anthony Brahimsha, Founder & CEO, PROMMUS Brands, LLC
  • Scott Mandell, MBA, President, Cannabistry Labs/Founder and Former CEO, Enjoy Life Foods


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