2018 Protein Trends & Technologies Post Conference Strategies Magazine

Originally Published: August 24, 2018
Last Updated: February 4, 2021
2018 PROTEIN Trends Technologies Post Conference Strategies Magazine

The 2018 Protein Trends & Technologies Post Conference Magazine: Protein Ingredient Strategies gives a summary of key points from speakers at this event. The goal of Global Food Forums’ Pre-conference Protein Business Strategies Program was to provide information for upper level managers to help them identify opportunities and threats in the protein ingredient marketplace.

2018 Protein Ingredient Business Strategies
Table of Contents:

  • Consumer Trends in Protein: What is the Real Opportunity?
    The drive to add more animal and plant protein to diets continues unabated.
    – Steve French, MBA, Managing Partner, NMI
  • Global Trends, Drivers and Prospects in the Evolving Sports Nutrition Market
    Protein powder tops sports nutrition—until trends shift from pure sports to lifestyle nutrition needs.
    – Carolina Ordonez, MBA, Senior Consumer Health Analyst, Euromonitor International
  • Emerging Protein Ingredient Technologies for Business Development
    Novel proteins’ success depends on the quality of the narrative, which should be consumer-relatable.
    – David Lafond, Ph.D., MBA, Owner, Lafond Food Technology LLC
  • Food & Beverage’s Migration to E-commerce; The Tipping Point Is Here
    Transitioning to e-commerce requires breaking down consumption processes into specific tasks and  solutions.
    – Darren Seifer, Executive Director, Industry Analyst – Food Consumption, NPD Group
  • SPECIAL SESSION: Animal Protein Minus the Animal: The Rise of Cellular Technologies
    Cellular technology aims to produce the same sensory qualities of animal meat, without the animal.
    Brad Barbera, MBA, Director of Innovation, The Good Food Institute
  • PANEL: Innovative Challenger Brands

This panel explores the motivations & challenges of entry-level food/beverage entrepreneurships.
– Moderator: Kara Nielsen, Vice President, Trends & Marketing, CCD Innovation

  • Miyoko Schinner, CEO & Founder, Miyoko’s Kitchen
  • Dariush Ajami, Ph.D., Vice President, Research & Development, Beyond Meat
  • Kurt Seidensticker, CEO and Founder, Vital Proteins
  • Natalie Shmulik, M.L.A., CEO, The Hatchery Chicago