The Miracle of Proteins in Animation

Originally Published: March 27, 2014
Last Updated: March 4, 2021
THE Miracle of Proteins in Animation 2014 source wikipedia FEATURE

March 27, 2014 Global Food Forums, Inc. Although Global Food Forums’ Protein Trends & Technologies Seminars focus on the protein food industry and protein ingredients, the crucial nature of proteins is due to the metabolic roles in all living organisms. The wonder of their complex and intricate functions have been brought to life by the scientific animation company XVIVO, which created this three minute video for Harvard University’s Molecular and Cellular Biology Department’s multimedia lab. Witness the miracle of proteins in animation.

The producers explain that the following video, entitled Protein Packing, “strives to more accurately depict the molecular chaos in each and every cell, with proteins jittering around in what may seem like random motion. Proteins occupy roughly 40% of the cytoplasm, creating an environment that risks unintentional interaction and aggregation. Via diffusion and motor protein transport, these molecules are directed to sites where they are needed.”

The Inner Life of the Cell

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