Proteins on Fire!

Originally Published: November 17, 2012
Last Updated: March 5, 2021
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Sometimes you’re smart, sometimes lucky. Many months ago my business partner, Peter Havens, and I reviewed emerging hot topics for a conference that would provide essential trend and formulation information.  Proteins came into sharp focus both as a central dietary component and as a source of a broad range of functional and nutritional ingredients. We feel confident in saying “Proteins on Fire!” is not an exaggeration.

As confirmation of the timeliness of our choice, we were able to gather an outstanding group of speakers (more on them in the coming months or see our program now by clicking through to our Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar website.

In March of this year, Dr. Elizabeth Sloan of Sloan Trends proclaimed proteins as “hot, hot, hot!” The following list of recent news items continues to validate that proteins are indeed on fire.  We believe our speakers, from General Mills to NIZO, Datamonitor to Chef Charlie Baggs and the product development firm International Food Network among others, will provide entertaining but also insightful and useful information for anyone in involved in food and beverage formulations to product marketing.


  • The global market for soy and milk protein ingredients (alone) is predicted to be over US$ 13 billion in 2018, growing at a CAGR of over 6% from 2013 to 2018. — Transparency Market Research
  • In the U.S., protein enhanced smoothies at the Top 500 limited-service restaurants grew 123% in the last two years. – September 2012, Technomic
  • Once again a study found that that a high-protein diet may aid in weight loss. In a review of 24 trials with 1,063 people found on average over 12 weeks, people on a high-protein diet lost about 1.8 extra pounds… and more body fat…than those assigned to a standard-protein diet. – October, 2012,  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • Spending by Indians on milk, eggs, fish and meat doubled in the five years up to 2009-10 to US$38 billion. — Crisil Research
    Yet, as the market research firm Innova points out “…can [protein] supply really meet [demand] as the world’s population moves beyond the 7 billion mark. New and existing sources of protein are being viewed on sustainability and health ground with the developments in soy, wheat, lupin and…chickpeas.”
  • “Protein Overdrive” is one of the top 10 trends for 2013. – Innova Market Research 

I think we were very lucky in our choice…and maybe a little smart. (And as always, all comments and advice is appreciated.)

— Claudia Dziuk O’Donnell, Managing Partner, Content Development, Global Food Forums, Inc. a conference provider.

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