How Much Protein Is In Concentrates & Isolates

Originally Published: March 1, 2021
Last Updated: March 17, 2021
How Much Protein is in Concentrates and Isolates

As a media company, Global Food Forums is very involved in the food protein ingredient industry. As such, we occasionally are asked if we know what regulations or industry standards exist on how much protein in concentrates & isolates.

With the help of a number of individuals and organizations, we have compiled the list below. We would much appreciated updates and clarifications. Please email editor@globalfoodforums. To  access live web links given in the chart below, click on the image to open the PDF website links.

How Much Protein Is In Concentrates Isolates Chart

Thank you to Raj Narasimmon, Narasimmon Consulting

The United Soybean Board ( and the Soy Nutrition Institute (

Scott Grare, Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs. Ingredion Incorporated 

This chart is a work in progress and will continue to be so as the protein ingredient industry evolves.

The ADIP website provides information on many types of dairy protein ingredients. The protein content of soy flour, concentrates and isolates is precise. However, as we move to newer sources of protein, the food industry is moving faster than either U.S. or international regulations. A key change has been the purification of new plant-based proteins. Isolates of 90+% purity are commercially available for chickpea, canola/rapeseed protein and others.

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