Dairy, Pea & Rice Protein Prices on the Increase

Originally Published: August 20, 2013
Last Updated: March 4, 2021
DAIRY, Pea & Rice Protein Prices on the increase

August 14, 2013 – Quoting the consulting firm CILNorth, Food Ingredients First reports dairy, pea & rice protein prices on the increase. The global market for milk proteins remains strong and prices continue to increase. Demand in Asia for WPC80 (80 percent whey protein concentrate) will continue to increase prices, which are already over € 7.00/kg (U.S. $9.27/kg). This is causing manufacturers of sports nutrition products to look to vegetable proteins.

Meanwhile in the last few months the price of pea protein concentrate increased 30 percent and is now more than € 5.00/kg (U.S. $6.62) due to a lack of European supplies. Increases in price, along with the threat of a lack of material in the future, is pushing large milk protein users in sports and infant nutrition to look for other options to replace preferred proteins. As a result, the market is seeing an increased use of vegetable proteins in the sports nutrition segments. Suppliers of vegetable proteins are working to overcome certain organoleptic and technical challenges of such proteins and companies are increasingly incorporating vegetable proteins into new consumer products effectively. The price of pea protein concentrate has increase 30% in the last months, reaching prices above €5.00/kg (US$6.62). This rise in price is mainly due to the lack of material of European source. Rice protein is also up and soy protein may follow.

Food Ingredients First

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